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Technology Innovations and the demand for Innovative solutions are an opportunity for young technology enthusiasts to showcase their talent

28th Feb, 2022

South Africa has a high unemployment rate but the technology sector has endless opportunities for those with the right skills who wish to make a difference in this sector.

Tech specialists are showcasing their talents on various platforms. LinkedIn is a particularly popular platform that connects talented tech professionals with companies seeking candidates for more roles.

Much networking takes place on online platforms, such as LinkedIn. However, traditional networking in person is still a key way to showcase talent (although this has been somewhat constrained during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Many of the large tech companies who realise that tech specialists are worth their weight in gold, drive talent procurement. Emerging e-commerce, logistics and telecommunications companies, however, appear to be procuring top tech talent more readily.

As the world experiences a greater need for tech talent, newly-qualified South African tech professionals are spoilt for choice when it comes to employment opportunities.

Some young tech professionals are opting to accept job offers overseas, while others prefer to stay in the country and make a difference.

So, how can young technology enthusiasts showcase their talent in this ever-growing  field?

From creating tech start-ups, innovating new products, and introducing new tech concepts, the future is bright for young and passionate tech entrepreneurs.


Technology industry-related webinars and podcasts are becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses trying to bridge the gap that remote and hybrid ways of working have created over the last two years

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way in which companies conduct business.

Gone are the days when in-person meetings and travelling to meet clients was the norm. Working from home has made video meetings far more popular.

In-person seminars and conferences have also taken a back seat to webinars and podcasts, and those with the ability to create professional and unique video content are in demand.

Not everyone can create podcasts and webinars that are up to professional standards, and it takes a bit of training to be able to present to an audience professionally over a screen.


Have you noticed how much younger the workforce is and do you wonder if they are suitably qualified and ready to take the responsibility of supporting businesses through the digital transformation era? 

If you’ve been in the workforce for a decade or longer, you’ve probably been noticing the increasingly young-looking folks working around you.

Although there are many young people in the corporate field and as entrepreneurs, the large majority of these young folk are highly-qualified, enthusiastic, and passionate about the field of tech.

Young people do not know a world without the internet and find it difficult to understand companies that have not yet transformed into the digital era. With their deep understanding of tech, they are perfectly placed to help guide such companies into this modern, technological age.


Do you know that Technology related positions are in the top 10 jobs in demand in South Africa? 

If you require proof that technology is the most in-demand sector in South Africa, you need to consider the fact that the most in-demand jobs in the country are all in this field.

Although the technology field has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, there are still not enough individuals pursuing positions in this field. A reason for this could be the rapid growth of technology that has created a massive demand without enough people.

Currently, South Africa is in great need of the following specialities within the tech sector:

·      Web Developers

·      Multimedia Designers

·      Software Developers

·      Computer Network Professionals

·      Systems Engineers


Web Developers

Web developers are essential in the 21st century as every company needs an intuitive, user-friendly and modern website. If you don’t have an in-house web developer, consulting with a web developer can help you to ensure that your website is fit for its purpose.


Multimedia Designers

Digital marketing involves far more than traditional marketing in that it uses digital content, including videos, marketing podcasts, high-quality images, and much more. A multimedia designer helps companies form a professional image to potential customers by creating their digital content.

Most people know that technology is constantly evolving. A major component of technology is software.

If you consider how often you update your mobile phone or computer’s software, you’ll gain a very basic understanding of how fast software development evolves.


Software Developers

Software developers are critical in ensuring that companies, products, and services are at the cutting edge with the most advanced software.

From making a difference in product performance to revolutionising people’s lives, software developers are the unsung heroes of these modern times.


Computer Networking Professionals

Every company in 2022 has at least a basic computer network. Unfortunately, once they have been set up, computer networks cannot just be left but need constant maintenance, upgrading, and TLC.

This is where computer networking professionals come in. Working behind the scenes to keep your company’s computers and devices connected and operational, computer networkers are vital.

If you enjoy the hardware side of tech, a career as a computer networker may be an excellent option.


Systems Engineers

Systems engineers help companies to create new and innovative systems so that they can be more profitable and operations can be more streamlined.

Responsible for the system’s architecture, concept, and overall design, systems engineers manage and analyse the finer aspects and the risk of the project.

If you are a young person who has just left school and are uncertain about your future career, why not consider making a difference by being trained up in one of these roles?

No special skills are required in order to enroll for training in one of these specialities, just a love for technology, innovation, and, of course, loads of enthusiasm.

These career paths all offer excellent progression, opportunities, and ways of specialising. You can go on to manage entire teams, work independently, or make a difference in any way you choose.

Many institutions offer training for these roles but Dotcom has a holistic approach as we offer training and support services throughout the life-cycle of all digital transformation projects to ensure the process is seamless and strives for zero downtime.


What is the future for South African technology? 

With so many young people interested in technology in South Africa, the future seems bright.

However, we cannot remain complacent as we need to provide the correct training and learning environments to ensure that technology professionals are created, supported and developed in South Africa.

At Dotcom, we hire the best and also assist in training up your company’s staff so that they have the skills necessary to take your organisation to the next level through the digital transformation journey. Our team works with you and your team to create the best solutions to facilitate smooth transition periods, and to eliminate any downtime while implementing new technologies.

By providing collaborative learning opportunities and empowering individuals, small businesses, and large corporations with the skills to drive innovation and provide world-class services, processes and products, Dotcom is excited to be a part of the tech revolution.





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