Slide software &
digital solutions
At Dotcom, we design, develop, maintain and market revolutionary software and digital solutions.
Slide information technology
consulting services
We provide passionate, innovative and experienced consultants, who specialise in all aspects of the software and technology industry.
Slide specialised cloud
Our team consists of specialised, certified, cloud architects; developers and tech experts, who offer solutions of the highest quality.
Slide security
Dotcom Security offers solutions for both private and public sector organisations. We use technologies that communicate and learn from each other in real time, in order to combat sophisticated attacks in the ever-growing threat landscape.

what we do

what we do


We develop custom software applications and take ownership of every part of the software development life cycle. This includes project management, architecture, user experience, analysis and design; development, testing, implementation, training and application maintenance. Our competent software development team ensures that the products we provide not only meet your requirements, but often exceed expectations.

what we do


We take pride in our business and technical professionals, who guide organisations in achieving goals as well as leading strategic direction. A Dotcom Software Consultant guarantees an experienced voice, along with the necessary skills, to enhance business performance and processes, whether your needs are technical, strategic and/or managerial.

what we do


As a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) we deliver cloud computing-based services and solutions. These include provider-managed virtual hardware, software solutions, infrastructure and other related cloud services. We have a team of masterful, certified cloud architects to deliver on your cloud computing requirements.

what we do


Our security specialists aim at protecting you against attacks and emerging threats without compromising end-user or IT productivity. We have security offerings as both Consulting Services and as Managed Services.

about us

about us

we are

Dotcom was started in 2012 and has grown exponentially. Our focus lies in employing only the best professionals in all fields of software and technology. We believe that only by harnessing the talents of these individuals can we provide exciting, game changing services, products and solutions.


We believe that real innovation stems from implementing relevant high-tech solutions to actual business problems – And we aim to be the facilitators of these solutions.


We aspire to develop employees who become South Africa’s tech industry thought leaders. We want to unleash the full potential of our country’s software engineers, developers, designers and creative thinkers to become the powerhouse of problem-solvers the future needs.

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