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software solutions

We develop custom software applications while ensuring governance and ownership of every part of the software development life cycle.

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cloud solutions

We’re a proud Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Delivering expertise in cloud computing-based services, products and solutions.

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microsoft power platform

Convenient solutions that are low-code, but yet deliver high level output and business efficiency.

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Dotcom Software Solutions


website & web app development

Dotcom’s skilled developers and designers work together to produce websites that cater to both businesses and their user’s needs. These solutions are not only functional, but beautiful as well.

mobile app development

We develop applications that help increase sales, improve efficiency and productivity; as well as improving workforce ability and enforce market disruption.

AI & machine learning

There is no denying that AI solutions are constantly becoming more prolific. We empower our clients to engage their customers and amplify their business capability in this digital age by envisioning, implementing and deploying AI solutions. These include self-learning bots that are programmed with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning.

data & analytics

Data is one of the most powerful assets of any organisation. We build solutions that empower our clients to make data-driven decisions by helping them capture, measure, analyse, understand and ultimately leverage their data.

Dotcom Software Solutions

cloud services & solutions

cloud services

cloud migration assessment:

migrations involve the transitioning of systems and data to the Azure cloud platform. Dotcom will perform an as-is assessment and the outcome include strategy/guidance on various aspects.

cloud exploration and business value assessment:

with a proven track record and extensive experience with creating systems for Microsoft Azure. Dotcom offers a tailored, professional and future-ready approach for systems of all industries.

bespoke microsoft cloud systems design:

we understand all things cloud. Successful systems are designed with architectural considerations and patterns such as consistency, availability and partition tolerance.

cloud architecture and operations assessment:

Dotcom offers a tailored and professional assessment of businesses with current cloud capability or interest in utilising cloud computing.

cloud solutions

application modernisation using azure

We offer cost-saving solutions on the Azure Cloud to our customers by assessing their applications for cloud viability and assisting with the cloud migration process. This enables clients to modernise their ecosystem which improves performance, scalability, reliability and speeding up the delivery cycles to help drive quicker go to market. It also frees up their teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

microsoft azure application service

Leveraging the benefits of cloud services has never been more clearly necessary than now. When helping our clients migrate existing apps or even developing new ones, using this powerful solution, we open an entirely new world of possibilities!

business solution consulting

Since gaining a wealth of knowledge through driving business value and delivery in the IT space (historically focused on the Insurance and Banking industries), our specialists have gained all the relevant experience to confidently design and implement innovative software solutions.

We assist our more traditional clients with their delivery needs in the extended Project and Programme Management space, while bringing them into the digital transformation and agile space.

Dotcom Software Solutions

power platform

Microsoft defines PowerApps as a “suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment for your business needs”. Using Power Apps, you can create three types of apps: canvas, model-driven, and portal.

All of our offerings start with an introduction to the Power Platform, covering a theoretical explanation of PowerApp (Canvas Apps & Model-Driven Apps); Power Portals; Power Automate; Power Virtual Agent and Power Bi. This will enable you and your business to have a full grasp of the Power Platform and empower you to implement your own custom Power Apps.

power foundation

Duration: 24 hrs

The theoretical session is followed with practical labs, where attendees learn to make a Canvas App, Model-Driven App and a Power Automate.

In the last session attendees are assisted with their own internal hackathon to identify real applications within their own organisation and conceptionally design the apps.


  • An understanding of the Power Platform
  • Building a Canvas App
  • Building a Model Driven App
  • Building a Power Automate
  • Conceptionally Designed 3 Apps
    (Canvas or Model-Driven)

power jump start

Duration: 48 hrs

Attendees are assisted with their own internal hackathon to identify real applications within their own organisation and conceptionally design the apps.

The last week will be used to assist with the implementation and configuration of the Center of Excellence kit.


  • An understanding of the Power Platform
  • Building a Canvas App
  • Building a Model Driven App
  • Building a Power Automate
  • Conceptionally Designed 3 Apps
    (Canvas or Model-Driven)
  • Implementation and configuration of the Center of Excellence kit

a week of power

Duration: 30 hrs

Exclusive access to a Power Platform Consultant for a week to assist with conceptualising ideas, assist with planning or to assist with any questions to current implementations.

rest azured

Duration: 48 hrs

Analysis on your current Azure implementation to ensure resources are optimally and provide optimisation and cost analysis report.


  • Performance Analysis Report
  • Optimisation Report
  • Cost Analysis Report
Dotcom Software Solutions


Rather than inventing an entirely new system, we also analyse, update, upgrade and add to what already works, by moving these applications to the cloud. This cost-effective process ensures that our clients’ systems remain relevant and functional while being elevated to an entirely new level of practicality.

Dotcom Software Solutions
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Our Clients

Dotcom Software Solutions


We walk you through every step.

From initiation to implementation,
to deliver software that works, in time and on budget.

1. design

Software Project Design Solutions | Dotcom Software Solutions


We commit to the overall responsibility of the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project.

Dotcom Software Solutions


Our analysts take the most complex requirements and break it into detailed specifications for clients to sign off, and for our developers to get started.

Web Design & UX Solutions | Dotcom Software Solutions


Our design & UX team plans out how to organise the solution once we’ve done the analysis and we understand the problem.

2. development

Software Architecture Development Solutions | Dotcom Software Solutions


Our architects make high-level design choices and dictate technical standards, including software coding, tools and platforms.

Dotcom Software Solutions


Our highly skilled developers work hand-in-hand with our business and systems analysts, in order to develop according to the project’s requirements.

Dotcom Software Solutions

unit testing

Each and every item being delivered within a development sprint is thoroughly scrutinised, before being deployed to the testing environment.

3. implementation

Dotcom Software Solutions

quality assurance testing

Our team of specialist testers will thoroughly test each deliverable, making use of our industry leading test packs.

Dotcom Software Solutions

user acceptance testing

Our business analysts lead the client to test each deliverable and component against the sign-off specification.

Dotcom Software Solutions


After business sign off on the testing environment, our chief architect and senior development lead will take the responsibility to deploy to production.

4. support & maintenance

We offer ongoing support and solutions even after projects have been completed. Through our Quality Assurance process we carefully monitor all methods, software engineering processes, activities and work items.

Dotcom Software Solutions

cloud solutions

  • Customer Application health monitoring
  • Solution Training
  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Modernization
Microsoft Azure Solutions | Dotcom Software Solutions


  • Identity Management
  • Monitoring of database and application performance
  • Continuous Cost Optimisation
  • Cyber Security
Microsoft Office 365 | Dotcom Software Solutions

office 365

  • Monitoring and O365 administration activities
  • Group Management
  • License Management
  • Compliance Score continuous improvement
  • Management of the Microsoft support ticketing process

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“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.“

Thomas Edison

The thing is, it's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.

Jony Ive

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.“

Theodore Levitt

The thing is, it's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.

Jony Ive
Dotcom Software Solutions
Dotcom Software Solutions

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