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Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Power BI

1st Jun, 2022

At Dotcom, we often receive questions about Microsoft Power BI. Some of our clients are interested in the product but don’t know if it’s worth the investment for their business’s needs.

Below are the answers to these frequently asked questions.


1. What is Power BI?

Initially released in 2011, Power BI is an innovative Microsoft product that allows you…


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The role of information technology consulting and software solutions

12th May, 2022

Digital technology is a fast-evolving field and is becoming increasingly automated. For Business, new digital technologies change consumer behaviour and often create a need for businesses to improve operational processes and consumer interaction. This, in itself, becomes one of the main driving factors for a business to deploy effective digital solutions for long-term business sustainability.

However, initiating, developing and deploying…


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What impact are cloud computing systems and solutions having on businesses experiencing a digital transformation journey?

11th Apr, 2022

Modern businesses are dependent on using technology effectively to support their day-to-day business operations and to innovate new solutions to help them remain competitive.

Cloud computing systems and solutions are vital and have a huge impact on businesses experiencing a transformation journey.


What are some examples of cloud computing services?

Cloud computing is now a way of life for…


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Technology Innovations and the demand for Innovative solutions are an opportunity for young technology enthusiasts to showcase their talent

28th Feb, 2022

South Africa has a high unemployment rate but the technology sector has endless opportunities for those with the right skills who wish to make a difference in this sector.

Tech specialists are showcasing their talents on various platforms. LinkedIn is a particularly popular platform that connects talented tech professionals with companies seeking candidates for more roles.

Much networking takes place…


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Applying your mind to uncoded solutions, some food for thought from Dotcom

1st Feb, 2022

Uncoded software solutions is a unique approach to software development that’s changing the way businesses engage with their staff, processes, and systems.

The low-code/no-code movement may be disrupting future technology innovation and the way we do business in general. What do you think?

In this article, Dotcom gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about uncoded solutions, and…


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Dotcom offers innovative solutions for complex IT challenges in the healthcare sector

10th Jan, 2022

South Africa, like many countries, have their own particular set of circumstances to contend with and still attempt to offer an acceptable level of healthcare to patients. In SA the health needs of the people exceed the capacity. The pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses in the dual systems of private healthcare and public government-funded and run institutions. It is imperative…


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