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Diversity of product offering and valuable skills set, keep Dotcom on their trajectory to becoming a leading force in the technology solutions arena in Africa and beyond

1st Oct, 2021

Since its inception, Dotcom has rapidly grown into one of South Africa’s leading software solutions companies. Our dynamic, professional team of Information Technology solutions specialists, have ensured that Dotcom stays ahead of the game and dominates in current market sectors by providing ground-breaking solutions tailored to an organisation's specific needs.

We are passionate about technology, we are serious about the future, and we are confident in our people.


Dotcom’s cutting-edge innovative software solutions and consulting services have contributed to revolutionised results in several sectors and industries since 2012.

Our areas of expertise range from cloud computing services and solutions, development of advanced software applications, skilful cyber security solutions as well as providing valued business and technical consulting services to businesses globally.

The dynamic of a youthful, energetic and experienced team with an intrinsic understanding of business processes drive innovation at Dotcom to deliver the best possible solutions for companies throughout their digital transformation journey.

Our unique team of like-minded developers, designers, business consultants and security and technical support specialists enables Dotcom to provide the game-changing solutions that we do. The Dotcom team aims to walk our clients through each and every step of a digital transformation solutions journey, from the very initiation of the project to the implementation. We commit to getting a project done in time and within budget, exceeding customer expectations.

In just a few years, the Dotcom footprint has expanded into Africa and continues to grow globally. Our services and solutions have been successfully implemented with many renowned, industry-leading brands throughout Africa.

Dotcom specialises in Software Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Consulting Services and Cyber Security.


Dotcom Software Solutions

Develop custom software applications and web platforms while ensuring governance and ownership of every part of the software developed.

Our software solutions are tailor-made to each client’s specific requirements, skilled developers and designers work hand-in-hand to formulate web-based solutions that meet our clients’ needs whilst still keeping the needs of the end-user in mind. With such thoroughly planned solutions, a successful user journey is highly guaranteed.

For businesses in search of advanced mobile application solutions, Dotcom develops advanced application solutions that will assist in the increase of sales, productivity, and workforce ability.

Dotcom is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers multiple products with modern solutions, training, and servicing for transforming, optimising, and growing businesses.

We offer an introduction to Microsoft’s Power Platform as a start to all services offerings, convenient solutions that are low-code, yet deliver a high-level output and business efficiency.

Various training is offered on multiple Microsoft software solutions for example, the introduction to Power Platform which consists of an in-depth explanation of PowerApps and its various subdivisions which will educate teams on the Power Platform and enable successful and effective implementation of your very own customer Power Apps. Read more on the Dotcom website or enquire directly with your consultant.


Dotcom Cloud Solutions

We are a proud Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), delivering cloud computing-based services and solutions.

We provide in-depth guidance and implementation on cloud solutions for our clients and offer initiative assessments that are implemented to assist us in creating custom solutions for an organisation’s specific needs. By gaining a bank of knowledge and skills within many industries over the past few years, we comprehend all things cloud-related – our guided and strategically planned designs are set for success and easy utilisation for medium to large businesses.<


Dotcom Cyber Security

Our specialists aim at protecting businesses against cyber-attacks and emerging threats without compromising the end-user or IT productivity.

Based on global standardised systems and frameworks, we are able to implement advanced and mature security governing and management systems that enable easy and secure management of a cyber security program for a business.

Dotcom aims to empower businesses with advanced, intelligent automated technical and operational processes that in return may prepare and enforce business with risk-based solutions to successfully mitigate a cyber-attack.


Dotcom Consulting Services

Dotcom takes pride in the solutions-driven consulting team of business and technical professionals, who guide organisations in achieving goals as well as leading strategic direction if required.

Dotcom aims at providing businesses with industry-based knowledge and strategic guidance to achieve the business goals established. Our team of skilled consultants and analysts are equipped with global, sector-based skills and knowledge and are ready to determine the best solutions for business’s needs, whether the needs are technical, strategic and/or managerial.

Our consultation services include areas such as project management, software development, business or system analysis, UX/UI design solutions, business intelligence as well as solutions architecture.

Dotcom loves solving problems so if you have a challenge in your digital transformation journey let Dotcom be the solution.

Dotcom is known in the industry as a preferred place to work where young information technology specialists get the opportunity to showcase their skills sets and be put to the test with an experienced global team.  The ability to adapt with agility to dynamic market demands in the modern world is met with this youthful energy and the challenges embraced with a passion for solving problems from the whole team. Dotcom is the solutions team.

The Dotcom head office is in Centurion, Gauteng. South Africa, with a support centre in Tyger Valley, Western Cape and a satellite office in New Zealand as well as over 120 digital servicing contact points connecting the Dotcom team and customers globally.

We currently offer ground-breaking and advanced software and business innovation solutions to clients all around the globe and continue to grow and advance our footprint. Dotcom is excited about the future and embraces the challenges businesses face every day with passion and energy to find the best solutions for efficient and effective digital transformation of all business processes and systems through advanced software solutions and innovation.


We would love to connect and engage with you. Let us be the solution.

Visit our website for any further information. Get in touch on (+27) 12 012 003 6596 Centurion or (+27) 21 974 6190 Tyger Valley, Cape Town or<

Dotcom Software Solutions

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