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Dotcom offers tested and tried Software Solutions in the banking sector

8th Sep, 2022

Many financial services providers, influenced by changes in consumer behaviour have required software solutions to handle everyday business transactions. Dotcom Software Solutions has planned, structured and implemented many innovative software solutions to FSI’s, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and increased customer revenue.

In this article, we take you through how digital transformation is influencing the banking and financial services sector, and why it is so important in this industry. We will also explain how we have demonstrated uncontested value as a trusted partner by helping various businesses within the sector, find the most suitable software solution. 

Digital transformation in the Banking sector

Most people know that technology moves at a very fast pace, and this is especially true when it comes to the banking and financial services sector. The process is accelerated due to evolving customer needs and a need to provide improved online features for clients.

Although financial services consumers want to use the latest and most technologically-advanced online features for banking, they want an interface that is user-friendly and easy to get to grips with. This is not an easy balance to get right but is a field in which Dotcom excels as our team thrives on providing software users with a satisfying experience, top-notch safety, and all the advantages that come with state-of-the-art software solution implementation.  

The importance of software solutions in the Banking sector

High quality software solutions in the banking sector are vital for many reasons: 

  • It saves the institution money by allowing customers to transact on an online platform instead of having to make a trip to the bank or service provider, thereby enabling the institution to run and manage fewer branches.

  • Banking and financial services are not limited to specified hours, when digitally enabled. Digital never sleeps and digital transformation of financial operations ensures longer hours of business continuity.

  • To the consumer, the implementation of the right software solutions remain a mostly cost-free method to manage their finances, with the added benefit of enhanced security.


The Financial Services Sector requires multi-layered software solutions incorporating many technological principles


Artificial intelligence in the banking sector

Artificial Intelligence is in high demand for the banking and financial services sector. Artificial intelligence (or AI) can help predict future trends or outcomes related to a group of people or even an individual, by conducting deep analysis of past financial patterns. In this way, the financial institution can help prevent money laundering, improve customer service, and prevent fraud. 


Data and Analytics in the banking sector

Data and Analytics is critical to the banking sector for various reasons:

  • The data stores and analysis ability of a software solution enables business intelligence and analysis on future improved product and services offerings

  • Likewise, the better the data on the customer base, the more informed a financial institution is when assessing customer eligibility for credit, detecting possible fraud or even just improving the understanding of a particular customer segment


Security in the banking sector

Security is of paramount importance in the banking sector. This means that the software financial institutions use, should be as secure as possible, and give customers the peace of mind that their funds are safely kept. 

High quality banking software should prevent against hacking, unauthorised access to customers’ sensitive financial and personal information, and phishing. 


Compliance in the banking sector

When selecting a suitable software solution, financial institutions should ensure that it helps them to adhere to any relevant banking regulations, laws, and their own internal compliance policies. 


At Dotcom, we are mindful of this and can help you to continue functioning with the utmost integrity and transparency. 


Dotcom is a Microsoft Gold partner and has a range of products available for efficient digital transformation in the banking sector

There are many reasons why, as a financial institution, you would choose to work with Dotcom for your software solution needs. One of the most compelling reasons is that we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and can, therefore, help you to be at the forefront of digital transformation in your sector. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can confirm the following: 

  • Dotcom has proved that it is 100% committed to Microsoft technology excellence and can help customers take their businesses to the next level by using Microsoft products. 

  • We are authorised to provide our customers with Microsoft-based software solutions and various other Microsoft products. 

  • As a trusted Microsoft partner, we are one of the first to receive new products, news, and information from Microsoft. 

  • Dotcom is in a position to train people in the use of Microsoft products 

  • Dotcom can provide a licence for Microsoft products 

  • Dotcom has been recognised by Microsoft as being a leader in the development and implementation of software solutions.

To attain Microsoft Gold status, companies need to prove that they are suitable by providing references from clients and having Microsoft Certified Professionals as employees. They also need to prove that they have a sound and strategic software marketing plan, and routinely go above and beyond what is required of them when it comes to customer service. 

Dotcom has achieved all of the above, and would love to partner with you to demonstrate how we can help you transform digitally. We have extensive experience in helping businesses successfully implement high-quality digital transformation and our passion assists us in providing the best software solution possible.

Our expert team consists of highly-trained and passionate software solution architects and subsequent developers. Read more about our Diversity of product offerings and valuable skills set, keep us on our trajectory to become a leading force in the technology solutions arena.

The importance of change management with solutions integration in the Banking sector


As mentioned in the previous section, technological advancement in the banking sector is incredibly fast-moving and rapidly evolving. The advancements can be challenging but are essential if you want to remain ahead of your competitors. 

With every new solution implemented, internal and external training and upskilling is required to ensure the solution is effected correctly.

At Dotcom, we fully understand this, and believe that up-skilling and training employees is vital. In addition, a robust change management strategy is important so that you can help your employees and customers keep up and effectively utilise software solutions that continuously birth in the financial sector. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Dotcom can help you manage your software up-skilling program or change management strategy, contact a member of our team today. 

We will provide you with an end-to-end proposal that is tailored to your business’s requirements and one that is geared towards improving operational efficiency, improving customer experience and assuring business growth.

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