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Is your business ready for the next big shift in technology solutions serving the Telecoms Industry?

1st Dec, 2021

Dotcom firmly believes that telecommunications companies provide an essential service and are critical to the survival of business and the future of the planet. Dotcom Software Solutions has a dynamic team to support new technology in the telecoms industry as well as support business in general, to adapt and capitalise on these latest innovations.

Virtually all individuals, households and businesses depend on the communication services that the telecommunications industry provides. These companies transmit data in words, voice, audio or video across the globe and are driving technology innovation.


What’s happening in the telecommunications industry worldwide?

The telecommunications industry is continuously evolving and there are always technological improvements in this field.

Below are some of the most exciting updates in the worldwide telecommunications industry:


Network Optimisation 

This refers to all the tools, services and expertise needed in order to monitor and improve network performance.

In order for network optimisation to take place, a sound analysis should be conducted to determine the current state of the network’s performance metrics. Once this has been done, any issues can be identified and then resolved.

Factors to consider when monitoring network performance can include bandwidth, traffic, and any latency. These issues may be caused by inadequate infrastructure or insufficient network security.

Outdated or poorly performing hardware can hamper latency and bandwidth. The same can be said about weak network security: it can drain bandwidth and negatively affect network performance.


Predictive Analytics

Another important concept that is vital in the telecommunications industry at the moment is predictive analytics.

This involves using algorithms, machine learning and data in an attempt to predict a future outcome that is based on historical data.

The ultimate goal of predictive analytics is to use historical data to make an intelligent assessment of what will happen in the future.



Most people have come across chatbots recently.

Instead of dealing with an actual human being, website users can interact with an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot to ask questions, obtain information and resolve problems.

Although still in its infancy, chatbots are improving all the time and we can expect them to add much more value in the near future.


Virtual Assistants

In much the same way that chatbots can enhance a user’s experience online, virtual assistants can make life easier for people.

Many people already use virtual assistants in their everyday lives. Examples include Siri, Alexa and Google Voice.

Virtual assistants use machine learning to respond appropriately to a user’s question, command or voice.

They can answer questions, process online orders, play music, update your calendar and more.



5G has been in the media a great deal over the past year or so. Here at Dotcom, we have noticed that many people still don’t have a good grasp on what exactly it is.

In a nutshell, 5G refers to a 5th generation cellular network. With its fast, wireless technology, it makes for quicker browsing, is much more reliable and can handle far more users than previous generation networks.

With 5G, cell phone users can expect a much more enhanced cellular experience that can improve their lives in ways they never thought possible.


IoT (Internet of Things) 

IoT (Internet of Things) may seem like a complicated concept but it is actually quite simple.

It refers to the network of physical objects, including software and any technology that makes it possible to seamlessly exchange data with other systems and devices on the internet.

IoT is another telecommunications field that is constantly improving and Dotcom Software Solutions is excited to be a part of it.


Are you ready to adapt and capitalise on these technological innovations in the telecoms industry? #askdotcom 

Dotcom offers a full set of software solution services with a motivated dynamic team to assist businesses to adapt and navigate the rapid advancement of digitisation and new innovations.

We have a deep understanding of both global and South African markets and partner with you to understand how the adoption and capitalisation of new technologies will assist you in your digital transformation journey.


Dotcom Software Solutions 

Our experienced team of software developers and solutions architects assist our clients through their software development life cycle. We develop custom software applications while ensuring governance and ownership. We have a vast range of experience across various technologies and industries.

Dotcom is a Microsoft gold partner and offers an affiliated range of products. We are proud to say we have access to these global resources, which are applied with local adaptation to suit customer needs. Dotcom offers full needs assessments, implementation plans and training and support, with extensive and ongoing after implementation support.


Website and Web Application Development

Dotcom’s skilled developers and designers work together to produce websites that cater to both businesses and their user’s needs. These solutions are not only functional, but beautiful as well.


Mobile Application Development

We develop applications that help increase sales, improve efficiency and productivity; as well as improving workforce ability and enforce market disruption.


AI and Machine learning

There is no denying that AI solutions are constantly becoming more prolific. We empower our clients to engage their customers and amplify their business capability in this digital age by envisioning, implementing and deploying AI solutions. These include self-learning bots that are programmed with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning.


Data and Analytics

Data is one of the most powerful assets of any organisation. We build solutions that empower our clients to make data-driven decisions by helping them capture, measure, analyse, understand and ultimately leverage their data.


Dotcom Software also offers cloud services & solutions including:

  • Cloud Migration Assessments
  • Cloud Exploration and Business Value Assessments
  • Bespoke Microsoft Cloud Systems Design
  • Cloud Architecture & Operations Assessment

Generally and especially, Dotcom Software Developers, we believe, are a special breed of human.


Here at Dotcom Software , we go above and beyond what it means to be just another Software Solutions company.

Our talent acquisition programmes ensure we have the world’s best software developers and solutions architects to deliver our values of excellence and expertise, to every client we assist.

Dotcom Software Solutions

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