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What are Dotcom Software’s Consulting Solutions?

12th Dec, 2022

Almost 78 percent of businesses that trust technical wizards for their IT complications are able to focus more on their core goals and feel confident in their strategies. That is why Dotcom has designed software consulting solutions that’ll assist businesses in achieving their goals.

Expert strategies in the software space and the use of the best possible software programs are the primary base of Dotcom’s software consulting. From identifying the root cause to deploying concomitant software solutions, the experts behind Dotcom software consulting have got you covered. 

Consulting Services by Dotcom

Dotcom brings forward a wide array of consulting services to substantially surge your business growth. Each business has its own varied IT needs, but our skillful resources and comprehensive consulting services will never fail to devise a solution for those needs. Without any further due, let’s begin discussing the consulting services we have onboard and how they are vital for business acquisition. 

  1. Project Management

Project management simply means initiating, executing, and monitoring a project based on planned methodologies and techniques. From the allocation of resources to achieving a project’s objective, it’s all project management. 

You might be surprised to know that more than 50 percent of projects fail when businesses don’t govern them with a proper project management process. So, project management holds substantial worth when it comes to optimal management of a company’s resources. 

The multidisciplinary team of experts behind Dotcom has devised exemplary Project Management solutions for businesses. No matter the project's magnitude, our team is experienced enough to plan and coordinate accordingly. Here’s how our Project Management services work:

  • We’ll quantify the resources and figure out the best possible ways to achieve relative goals. 

  • Our team will ensure an understanding of the associated risks and implement control procedures for guaranteed success. 

  • We only utilise the latest innovations and modern technologies to complete a company’s software projects within the allotted timelines proactively. 


  1. Business & System Analysis

Business & System Analysis revolves around assessing systems in a business and implementing improvements in the most efficient way. Strategic testing, in-depth research, and workflow automation are all a part of Business & System analysis for auditing business processes effectively. It is crucial for business growth as it fulfils strategic targets by revealing blind spots in the business systems and use of software. 

Dotcom brings forward Business & System Analysis solutions for businesses that focus primarily on planning software-based improvements and modifications. Here’s how it works:

  • Collaboration with internal and external teams to identify needs.

  • Facilitating software evaluations.

  • Transforming the needs of our clients into system requirements.

  • Use of agile and waterfall approaches according to the business needs. 

  • Validation and verification of solutions for software problems via best tools. 


  1. UX and UI Design

User Experience design (UX) focuses on the user’s experience with a product or system and involves user research, interaction design, and information architecture. On the other hand, User Interface design (UI) focuses on a digital product's visual and interactive features. It involves designing a digital interface from buttons, colours, and typography to scroll functions, toggles, and icons. Effective UI/UX designing is critical for surging sales and making loyal customers. 

Collaborate with the proficient team of Dotcom to devise top-notch, accessible, and consistent UX/UI designs for mobile and web-related digital products. Here’s how our team comes up with explicit and meaningful UX/UI designs:

  • Starting with user research and product strategy planning.

  • Followed by testing, iterations, and prototyping.

  • Figuring out colour theory, typography, and design patterns while focusing on brand identity.

  • Maximising operational efficiency and productivity of the interface. 


  1. Solution Architecture 

Solution Architecture focuses on figuring out business needs and tailoring IT solutions for those needs. It varies for each organisation based on its organisational hierarchy and solution complexity. Solution Architecture can assist businesses in improving the reliability and scalability of their ongoing software operations or projects.


Dotcom has designed Solution Architecture services for businesses that align perfectly with their objectives. These services comprise software solutions that can involve either AI & machine learning or data & analytics solutions, depending on what your business needs. Here’s how opting for these services will assist your business in impeccable growth:

  • Our team will gain a complete understanding of your business's IT requirements.

  • We’ll devise solutions that align with your IT requirements and positively impact your business growth.

  • Those solutions will comply with the existing software environment of your company.

  • We’ll analyse and monitor the progress after implementing solutions. 


  1. Software Development

Software development is building computer programs and software by deploying programming languages. It also involves testing and bug fixing of web/mobile applications, software, and frameworks. Software development is crucial in simplifying tech stack, driving growth, and surging productivity for businesses. 

Software development services by Dotcom ensure that businesses improve their customer service by manifolds. Our software development services also comprise complex software solutions for the development of top-notch web and mobile applications. On top of that, we also make use of the latest AI and data analytics tools to deliver precisely what your business needs. Here’s how our software development services work: 

  • Analysing and planning what your business needs. 

  • Opting for the most suitable programming languages.

  • Focusing on how to solve customer problems and devising solutions accordingly.

  • Designing, prototyping, implementing and testing the entirely coded software. 


  1. Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence (BI) is about analysing data and developing strategies for data-driven solutions. It is an advancement in technology that lets businesses make better decisions, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability. Organisations that make data-driven decisions surge their probability of achieving business goals by 77 percent

Here’s how the technical wizards behind Dotcom can drive Business Intelligence solutions for your company:

  • Figure out market trends for your business by employing business analysis and data mining.

  • Unfold explicit growth opportunities for your company by implementing sophisticated data analytics technologies.

  • We’ll assist your team in driving tangible results through effortless data visualisation and tailored dashboards.

  • Business insight mining and gathering of actionable insights to identify shortcomings. 


Software consulting services are a modern advancement in technology. 

These advancements have enabled businesses to identify their shortcomings and exponentially increase their growth by implementing data-driven solutions. Let our expert team help your business overcome hurdles, boost productivity, and keep up with the latest technology trends. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll let you know how our Dotcom software consulting services can help your business achieve its goals.

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